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Canada Visa Lottery Registration 2023/24 and How to Apply

Canada Visa Lottery Registration 2023/24 and How to Apply

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Canada Visa Lottery Registration 2023/24 and How to Apply

Getting Visa to travel to Canada can be very difficult sometimes, if you are here, I am glad to tell you that there is an easier way you can get your Canadian visa with not much fuss. The only price you will have to pay is that of Luck!


The Canadian Visa lottery offers an opportunity for intending travelers to Canada to secure their Visas with ease!

You may wonder, What is this Canada Visa lottery all about? You can register for this lottery to qualify for an immigrant visa to Canada. They chose those who apply for this visa randomly using a lottery system, and those who are chosen have the option of immigrating to Canada.


People are looking for precise details on the thorough application process for a Canada visa in 2023/24 from all around the world, but especially from Nigeria. As a result, we have gathered the most trustworthy data on this topic, which we are now making available to our readers. With the use of this information, we hope to be able to answer all of your queries about how to apply for the Canada Visa Lottery in 2023.

Canada Visa Lottery Registration 2023 and How to Apply

Canada Visa Lottery Registration and How to Apply

What to Know About Canadian Visa

If you are a Nigerian, you definitely know already that Canada may have the highest population of Nigerian living in Europe. This is no doubt relative to their relaxed visa policy compared to other European counterparts. However, if you want the change to go as easily as possible, then you must follow this advice.

Even though there are a few issues that need your careful attention, if you get over this point, you’ll be on a clear path that leads to Canada.


Anyone who meets the conditions and is eligible to enter the Canada Visa Lottery may apply for this visa. The applicant’s marital status—whether single, married, widowed, or divorced—does not affect their eligibility to submit an application for this visa.

Those who meet the requirements can register online at the Official Visa Application portal to participate in the Visa Lottery when the annual registration period opens in the spring.

Let’s get this lesson on winning a visa for Canada’s immigration lottery off to a strong start so that you can submit an application from Nigeria. If you are serious about moving to Canada, you should keep learning about the topics covered in this post.

Visa Types Available for Nigerians to Apply

There are several types of visas available for you to choose and apply for as a Nigerian, you just need to select the most suitable for you and start your application immediately. Let us see what we have on the list and how we can go right in and start with the application:

  • Students Canada Visa
  • Skilled worker’s Canadian Visa
  • Transit Canadian Visa
  • Tourist Canadian Visa
  • Visitor Canadian Visa
  • Diplomat Canadian Visa
  • Business Canadian Visa
  • Farmworker Canadian Visa
  • Pilgrimage Canadian Visa

Now that you have seen all the Visas for which you are qualified to submit an application, let’s get started on the application. It’s crucial that you know that it must satisfy certain documentation requirements for each of the aforementioned visas.

Hello, it is quite doubtful that you may travel to Canada this year via the Canadian visa lottery if you do not own a passport from another country. This is the first and most important requirement that must be satisfied in order to get a form to take part in the 2019 Canadian immigration lottery.

How to apply for a Canada lottery visa online

Check for Eligibility

The first thing you need to do is to check whether you are eligible to apply for any of the visa types mentioned above. It is better you know this beforehand. You may be wondering how can I know this, there is a form you can fill out to know your eligibility state. You just need to click on this link and answer the question that follows.

You will be given a “personal reference number” after you have answered all the questions and have been found to be eligible to apply for a Canadian visa online. Both the registration of an account and issuing of a visa require this code. Keep this code in a secure location and adhere to the explicit instructions.

Fill out the Visa application form

This step has to be one of the most important. They will provide you with several forms to fill out here, below are the forms you will need to complete this step.

Complete the required document

When you finished with the steps above, there are a lot of other documents for you to submit. Check below and make sure you have all of them ready while getting set to apply.

  • Passport
  • Information on the last ten years’ travel, including visa and/or entry stamp usage abroad
    a photocopy or scan of the approval for travel, employment, or study abroad (if any)
    scans or photocopies of current US visas (if any)
  • Financial proof, such as a bank account statement for the last four months, a work or business certificate, an asset ownership statement, or other supporting documentation, that shows your ability to pay for your own travel.
  • 35mm x 45mm or 420 x 540-pixel color photos in JPEG format, 240kb in size
  • Travel documentation, such as airline tickets, itineraries, or reservations confirmations

Submit an Online Application

To obtain the “key,” you must first register, and then create an account in order to submit an application, pay the visa fee, and track the status of your application. You can create an account with either “GCKey” or “Sign-In Partner.” Choose “GCKey” if you are a Nigerian citizen.
Log in to your account using your username and password, then navigate to the section of the website labeled “Visitor visa, study and/or work permit,” and then proceed to the following step. Type in the “personal reference code” that you were given previously, and then upload the forms and supporting documents that you had previously completed and organized.

Payment for the Visa

After successfully submitting all your supporting documents, you can proceed to make payment for the processing fee which is an equivalent of 100 Canadian dollars. You will receive a confirmation mail immediately if your payment is successful.

Go to VFS Global

Then, bring a payment confirmation, passport, and a 3.5 4.5cm photo to the VFS Global Nigeria:

After completion, you will receive an email with a unique number to track the status of your application online within two working days.

Submit a visa application on paper.

If you apply for a Canadian visa lottery on paper, the process is nearly the same. You must continue to fill out forms online, prepare the above-mentioned supporting papers, make payments online, and attend the VFS Global visa application facility. The distinction is as follows:

When applying for a visa online, you do not need to print each form individually. If you submit on paper, you must print all forms on white, non-glossy paper using a laser printer.

If you do not handle your visa application personally, you must additionally fill out the IMM5467E form, which enables others to handle your visa.

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