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How to become a Monk in Catholic Church

A monk is a member of a religious order who lives a communal life in a monastery, abbey, or priory ...

Who are the Religious brothers in Catholic Church (The order of brotherhood)

A religious brother is a member of a Christian religious institute or religious order who commits himself to following Christ ...

Catholic view on reincarnation

What is Reincarnation? Reincarnation simply means rebirth of a soul in another form or body. In Latin language the word ...

Things you should know about Christmas as a Catholic

Christmas is one of the most popular feast celebrated by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox and Protestants. It's celebrated as ...


All through the ages and generations of the Human race in the Cosmos, supplications are made to invisible and supernatural ...


Israelites of old and Israelis of the modern times are God’s own people (Psalm 8:3, Numbers10:10). Jerusalem, a city built ...


The answer is in the negative. Latin is neither dying nor dead. Many modern romance languages like Romania, French, Spanish, ...

True reason why the Sabbath day was shifted to Sunday

‘’In the beginning, when God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate….By the seventh day, God finished what ...

Who’s an abbot in the Catholic Church

The word Abbot is a title given to a male superior (leader) of a monastic community or order. It's derived ...

Is tithe compulsory in the Catholic Church.

A tithe is one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the ...

How to master English by learning Latin.

As emphasized in an earlier exposition, English language grammatical structure is heavily influenced by Latin sentence pattern. The agreement of ...

How to master English by learning Latin -Lesson 1 – First Declension.

In the introduction part of these series of lessons, the importance of the agreement of verbs with accompanying nouns was ...

The celestial bodies

ON THE CELESTIAL BEINGS OFTEN REFERRED TO AS "ANGELS" Ranked from closest to God 1st Sphere: SERAPHIM – sometimes called ...

The purgatory

Purgatory, the condition, process, or place of purification or temporary punishment in which, according to medieval Christian and Roman Catholic ...

Heaven (Throne of Almighty GoD)

When a relative dies, we often ask ourselves or wonder “where are they now?” As mortal beings, it is a ...

Who are the Archangels in catholic church

People have always asked who are the archangels in Catholic Church and what is the difference between them and other ...

Who are the guardian angel in catholic church

City guardian angel In the Catholic Church guardian angel are the lowest ranks of heavenly beings who are assigned to ...

Do Catholics practice necromancy

The Catholic Church as a whole doesn't have a practice that relates to necromancy, it's a practice popular among pagans ...

Catholic view on reincarnation

What is Reincarnation? Reincarnation simply means rebirth of a soul in another form or body. In Latin language the word ...

Why Catholics use flowers

Flowers are popularly being used by Catholics to decorate the church altars, sacred images, sanctuary and church premises. This practice ...

Why do Catholics use holy water

Coming into the Catholic Church, you will observe that at the entrance of the church there's a small vessel (called ...

Why do Catholics go to confession

Confession is the acknowledgement of one's sin or wrong. It's the disclosure of one's sins in the sacrament of reconciliation ...

Why do Catholics use monstrance

A monstrance is a sacred vessel used by Catholics , Anglican and Lutheran churches to display or exhibit Eucharistic host ...

Why do Catholics make sign of the cross

The Sign of the cross is a gesture or ritual used by Catholics(both eastern Catholics and Roman Catholics) , Anglican, ...

History and usage of holy water

Holy water, a fundamental element of Catholic rituals and worship, holds a deep and intricate history within the Catholic Church ...
Brown scapular

Why Satan hates the Brown Scapular

The Brown Scapular, a humble piece of cloth, holds immense spiritual significance within the Catholic Church. A symbol of devotion ...
Synod of Bishops

What is Synod of Bishops in the Catholic Church

In the intricate mosaic of the Catholic Church's hierarchical structure, the Synod of Bishops stands as an essential institution, fostering ...

Types of Altars in the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, steeped in rich tradition and symbolism, places great significance on its places of worship. At the heart ...

How to live a Catholic life as a single person

Living a Catholic life as a single person is a unique and meaningful journey within the tapestry of the Catholic ...
Holy communion meaning for children

What is the meaning of the Eucharist for kids

In the tapestry of Catholic beliefs and traditions, few threads are as central and sacred as the Eucharist. This sacrament, ...

What are the Catholic beliefs about death and the afterlife?

Catholicism, one of the world's oldest and most widespread religious traditions, places great emphasis on beliefs about death and the ...

Are Catholic use of Images and Statues considered as idolatry

The use of images and statues has long been a prominent aspect of religious practice, with various faith traditions incorporating ...

Do Catholics Rebaptize new Converts.

The sacrament of baptism holds significant importance within the Catholic faith, symbolizing initiation into the Christian community and the washing ...

How many times a Catholic should receive holy Communion in a day

The Catholic Church teaches that a Catholic can receive Holy Communion twice in a day. This is based on Canon ...

How to Convert or become a Catholic: Step by Step Process

The decision to become a Catholic is a profound and life-changing one, representing a personal and spiritual journey of exploration, ...

What are the promises of the brown Scapular

The brown Scapular (aka Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) is a brown woolen material worn on the neck ...

Order of mass in Catholic Church

Supremacy of popes

How saints are choosing in Catholic Church

Categories of priesthood in Catholic Church

Who is a knight in Catholic Church

What is the sacrament of confirmation in Catholic Church

Who is an altar server in Catholic Church

The ash Wednesday (Beginning of lent)

The station of the Cross

The purgatory

The Lenten season

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