The celestial bodies

Angels duties


Ranked from closest to God

1st Sphere:

SERAPHIM – sometimes called “the burning ones” because they are closest to God and radiate Pure Light. These are the Angels who constantly sing God’s praise, and whose duty it is to regulate the heavens. (Lucifer is said to have been one of the Seraphim who had outshone all the others untill he became the head of the fallen angels.

CHERUBIM – sent to guard the gates of Eden. Originally they were depicted as the bearers of God’s Throne, as the charioteers, and as powerful beings with four wings and four faces. However, in modern times, Cheribum have evolved into chubby babies with wings.

THRONES – called the ‘many eyed ones’ have the duty of carrying out God’s decisions. They are often represented as firey wheels.

2nd Sphere:

DOMINIONS – their job is to regulate the duties of the other Angels and ensure that God’s wishes are carried out.

VIRTUES – the Angels of Grace who bring God’s blessings to Earth, usually in the form of miracles. Known as the ‘brilliant’ or “shinning’” ones, they are associated with acts of heroism and bring courage when needed.

POWERS – their job is to prevent the ‘fallen angels’ from taking over the world and keeping the Universe in balance. They are also seen as the Angels of birth and death.

3rd Sphere:

PRINCIPALITIES – the Guardian Angels of cities, nations and rulers, and guards against the invasion of evil angels.

ARCHANGELS – probably the best known of all Angels. They carry God’s most important messages to humans. They also command God’s ‘armies’ of Angels in the constant battle with the “sons of darkness.”

ANGELS – the Celestial Beings closest to humans. They act as intermediaries between the Almighty and humanity. Often called our “Guardian Angels.”

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