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Who are the Archangels in catholic church


People have always asked who are the archangels in Catholic Church and what is the difference between them and other angels. This post will help you to know who they are and why they are different from other angels.

The word archangel comes from the Greek words arche (prince) and angelos (messenger).

Archangels in Catholic Church

The Archangels are the angels with higher rank who have been specially appointed by God to perform the special task of helping humanity.

They have always and forever contemplated the face of God, are ready to rush to his every command, as attentive listeners and executors of His Word.

Each one of them has their area of concentration while performing their duty, and can be asked for help when needed.

They intercede for us and you can ask for their support while praying just like you ask your friends and Priest to pray for you

The Archangels work all the time and can be in multiple places at a time, they always want us to call upon them when we are in need for it’s when they assist us that they fulfill the work God has assigned to them.

As archangels are spirit they aren’t limited to any gender or form they can appear to you in a way that is comfortable to you or in way that will make them to perform their work best.

The archangels and their duty

1. St Michael is the Supreme leader of the angels .

Archangel  Michael
St Michael

He’s the great defender of all that is good

Michael is charged with the tasks of protecting those who love God, transporting the souls of the dead, and leading the battle against Satan. He also is traditionally the one called upon doing Exorcisms ( the freeing of the possessed in spiritual bondage from evil spirits)

He’s the one who led the angels to war against Lucifer when he rebelled against God . Archangel Michael is believed to have taken the position of the Lucifer.

He’s also the leader of his fellow Archangels. He’s the patron Saint of Soldiers

Partron Saint of  soldiers is archangel Michael
Patron saint of soldiers

2. St Raphael is known to be a healer .

Archangel Raphael
St Raphael

He heals both human and other living things from diseases and illnesses .

He also heals the soul from suffering and afflictions and make it able to receive God.

He’s name derives from Hebrew and means God’s doctor and he’s among the angels closest to God .He is patron saint of Doctors and pharmacist

3. St Gabriel is said to be Angel closest to God that he’s refered to as left hand of God.

Archangel Gabriel and Mary
St Gabriel and Mary

He’s name derives from Hebrew which means Power of God or God is mighty

St Gabriel is known as a messenger because he’s the one that announced the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ ,he revealed birth of John to Zechariah and appeared to Joseph in dream not to broke up with Mary.

He’s also known as the angel of death and in Islam he’s the chief messenger and the one that revealed Quoran to Muhammad

Why the devil conspire against human being

After the creation of the heavens and earth, there was a battle in heaven. Lucifer, the “light-bearer”, the “morning star”, who was the chief among angels, rebelled against God. Because of Lucifer’s envy, pride, and desire to sit upon God’s throne, he did not want to be subject to God or to serve Him. He took a third of the angels into revolt with him. Michael however, was loyal to God, and declared he would serve God, for “who is like unto God” (“Michael”). With the other two-thirds of the angels he defeated Lucifer and cast him and his supporters out of heaven. Lucifer now became called Satan (“adversary”) and those angels who supported him became devils.

They were never allowed to enter the heavens forever,humans in the other hands are still able to enter the heavens this makes the devil to conspire against the human beings, for a whole angel like him can never enter the heavens but we humans can, so he’s trying and tempting the humans to see that we sin against God and will never enter heaven just like him.

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