Why do Catholics light candles

It’s obvious that one of the things used to recognize the Catholic Church is the candle especially the Votive or Paschal candles, once it’s seen on TV it’s very apparent that it’s about the Catholic Church. Getting into a Catholic Church, one of the things you will surely  notice are candles which are lit on … Read moreWhy do Catholics light candles

Catholic view on reincarnation

What is Reincarnation? Reincarnation simply means rebirth of a soul in another form or body. In Latin language the word Reincarnation means entering the fresh again. It is the process by which a persons soul, after death is transferred into another body(animal,plant or human) and begins a new life in it. In many religions like … Read moreCatholic view on reincarnation

Do Catholics practice necromancy

The Catholic Church as a whole doesn’t have a practice that relates to necromancy, it’s a practice popular among pagans and magicians and the Catholic doctrine bans such practice from its members. Catholics have always been accused of necromancy because we pray to Saints to interceed for us, but the accusations is out of ignorance. … Read moreDo Catholics practice necromancy

Why do Catholic Church use incense

The incense is a substance with high aroma, made from resins gotten from certain trees. When burnt over hot charcoal it produces a smoke that has a sweet fragrance. The word incense is gotten from the Latin word “Incendere” which means to burn. Incense is a noun which is name of the fragrant substance and … Read moreWhy do Catholic Church use incense

Catholic view on video games

Video games are among the innovation that is growing rapidly, lots of people are getting engaged with it day after day and the game industry has generated a huge some of money making new video games one after the other. Many people have asked are video games good, do they cause more harm than good … Read moreCatholic view on video games

Best free catholic apps for your smartphone.

In this century many things have improved, technology is taking over, new ways to communicate has evolved you can get any information you want with just click of a button. The effects of these new innovations on our spiritual growth is so bad that it seems we should just stop using them, for example many … Read moreBest free catholic apps for your smartphone.

Catholic doctrine on cremation

Catholic from ancient times has doctrines and teaching which guide them and it’s among the most organised and unified denominations in the world. As time goes some of the doctrines has changed and the doctrine about cremation in catholic church is one of them. First what is Cremation ? Cremation is the process of burning … Read moreCatholic doctrine on cremation

Best catholic wedding song

It’s a bright day, the crowds are cheering and everyone is rejoicing for it is a wedding day. Before the wedding there’s lot to prepare for like fixing of wedding date, decorations, the cake ,song, the wedding gowns and Suits, with many more. But today we will talk about the wedding song based on Catholic … Read moreBest catholic wedding song