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How Long Does Canada Student Visa Take

How Long Does Canada Student Visa Take

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How Long Does Canada Student Visa Take

The time to get a student visa for Canada depends on several variables. Making ensuring you have all the paperwork is the first step. You can submit your application online or in person at a visa office after everything is in order. Depending on the nation you are applying from and the season, the processing time for a Canada student visa can change. The average wait time for a student visa to Canada is 4–6 weeks.


Let us explore in this blog entry this question at the end it will leave you satisfied with the response you will get from here and know how you will plan time for your student visa.

Knowing how long a visa takes to come out can help you in your travel planning and a lot of other thongs you may wish to be doing while waiting for your Visa’s arrival.

How Long Does Canada Student Visa Take

How Long Does Canada Student Visa Take

How to get a student visa

Before applying for a study permit, you must:

A school that has been given the go-ahead from a province or territorial government to accept foreign students is known as a designated learning institution. In Canada, they recognized all elementary and secondary schools as learning institutions.

Make sure the post-secondary institution you intend to attend—such as a college or university—is included on the list.


They will award you a study permit for the period of any courses you need to take in order to be conditionally admitted into your program. You must apply to extend your study permit when the college or university accepts you into your desired program.

Current provincial regulations stipulate that if you intend to enroll in a college or university in Quebec, you can only do so at a designated learning institution selected by the Quebec government. To study in Quebec, you’ll also need a study permit from the Canadian government.

What to Know About Study Permits

You must as an international student with a valid study permit:

  • Attend a designated learning institution at all times.
  • Make strides toward completing your course of study.
  • Observe the guidelines outlined in your research permission.
  • If you no longer meet the standards, stop studying.
  • When your visa expires, go from Canada.

It’s crucial to first make sure you are qualified to apply for a study visa.

Apply for a study permit

You can request a study permit online or in person at a visa application center in your country.

As soon as you receive an acceptance letter from a Canadian institution or university, we advise you to apply for a study permit. Depending on the nation where you are applying, it may take up to three months to receive a study permit.


When requesting a guest visa, study permit, or work permit for Canada, they can ask you to provide your biometrics (fingerprints and a photo). You must physically visit the Visa Application Centre (VAC) closest to you if you need to submit biometrics with your application.

Determine whether you must provide your biometrics.

Do not mail your study permit application if you must provide your biometrics. Instead, kindly turn it in when your biometrics are being collected at the VAC.

What to do after submitting a study permit application

On the website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, you can find out the status of your application for a study permit. Every day, new information is added. You must first create an account on the website.

The processing center may occasionally request that you supply more information. Study up on the application procedure.

How to submit a travel or work visa application

Not everyone needs a travel or work visa, but you should find out whether your plans call for you to get one before traveling to Canada.

Stays of fewer than six months

As an international student, you will need one of the following visas if your stay in Canada is less than six months:

  • If you intend to study in Canada for less than six months, you must have a travel visa in your passport.
  • If your passport is from a specific nation, you will need an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

Answer these online questions to determine the type of travel visa you require.

Work permit for the duration of your studies and beyond

You can work while studying at a post-secondary institution in Canada. Without a work permit, international students with a study permit may work part-time (less than 20 hours per week).

You must apply for a work permit if you intend to work full-time or take part in a work experience while studying. They can also get a work permit for their spouse or common-law partner.


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