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The Rise of Closet Factory: Leading the Way in Custom Closet Solutions

When it comes to organizing your home, one of the most transformative upgrades is remodeling or installing custom closets to maximize storage space. For over 35 years, Closet Factory has been revolutionizing how families organize their closets with innovative made-to-measure solutions. From its start in a garage workshop to becoming the largest closet company in North America, here is the remarkable story of Closet Factory’s success.

Beginnings in a Suburban Garage

It all started in 1984 in a suburban neighborhood garage in Southern California. Two brothers, Bobby, and George Bouygues, were inspired to start a closet business after seeing a need for quality, custom-designed closets that homeowners could no longer find from traditional builders and department stores.

With little experience but a strong work ethic, they got to work building shelving units, rods, and drawers by hand. Word of mouth from satisfied neighbors spread quickly and soon they outgrew the garage workshop. In 1987, Closet Factory was officially incorporated and the brothers leased a small commercial space.

Expanding Business Through Strategic Growth

The next phase saw Closet Factory undertake strategic expansion through the 1990s as demand grew. They invested in CNC machines for precision cutting and hired skilled craftsmen to boost production capacities. Additional retail storefronts and factory facilities supported serving a widening area.

By 1999, Closet Factory operated seven locations in California and Nevada with 150 employees. To penetrate new markets, they pioneered home consultation services where 3D renderings and remote CAD modeling enabled custom closet design for clients across distances. A web presence furthered online sales and marketing reach.

National Franchise Growth Takes Off

The real turning point came in 2000 when Closet Factory made the decision to partner via strategic franchise relationships. This model would scale the business aggressively by empowering new entrepreneurs to open local franchise outlets with Closet Factory’s brand, systems, and support.

The first franchise location launched successfully in 2002. Over the next decade, as Closet Factory doubled down on franchise development and support functions, over 150 new outlets sprouted across the US and Canada. Regional manufacturing hubs using state-of-the-art equipment supply franchisees efficiently.

By 2012, Closet Factory claimed the top spot as the largest closet company in North America with 250 locations and annual revenues topping $250 million. Consistent double-digit annual growth has continued through the present day.

Innovating Closet Solutions

Alongside the expansion, Closet Factory is dedicated to elevating the closet industry through continuous product innovation. Notable breakthroughs included:

  • Slide-out storage systems provide unmatched accessibility
  • Space-saving Murphy bed and hidden room systems
  • Custom pull-out pantries, garages, and home offices
  • Modular, prefabricated closet components reduce installation times
  • High-density shelving, baskets, and specialty inserts
  • Premium wood finishes, lighting, and automatic garage organization

This pioneering spirit kept Closet Factory on the cutting edge, with over 500 patented closet-related designs to their credit. State-of-the-art facilities ensured flawless manufacturing quality.

Empowering Communities Nationwide

Today, Closet Factory has grown into a nationwide network boasting over 300 franchise locations from coast to coast. While still based in Orange County, the company supports organizing homes efficiently for millions of busy families across North America each year.

Ongoing education and promotional programs strengthen franchise relationships. As the largest employer within the franchise system, Closet Factory creates many local job opportunities for designers, installers, and business owners alike. Franchisees find independence while benefitting from a trusted brand known for its premium quality and customer satisfaction.

Looking Ahead

As the leader in the $18 billion US closet industry, Closet Factory is always seeking new opportunities. Exciting future plans involve further global expansion into international franchise markets. Tech-enabled services like 3D virtual design allow sales to scale even further online or through dealership partnerships.

Beyond closets, Closet Factory seeks ways to help organize entire homes through integrated garage, pantry, and laundry systems using IoT-enabled features. Trends like modular construction play to their strengths as well. Continued progress means untapped potential remains for organizing homes smarter with Closet Factory solutions worldwide.

Over 35 years, Closet Factory exemplifies the American dream of building a small business into a globally recognized brand through dedication, innovation, and strategic growth. Their story inspires entrepreneurs while providing efficient storage options appreciated by homeowners everywhere hoping to maximize living spaces. Future plans promise Closet Factory will stay on the cutting edge of home organization for many years to come.

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