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Catholic view on video games

Catholic view on video games


Catholic view on video games

Catholic view on video games

Video games are among the innovation that is growing rapidly, lots of people are getting engaged with it day after day and the game industry has generated a huge some of money making new video games one after the other.

Many people have asked are video games good, do they cause more harm than good and as catholics are we allowed to play video games. In this post I will cover up all you need to know about video games as a Catholic faithful.

There’s no doctrine made about video games in catholic but there are teachings which have been made about it to help understand video games, it’s effect and how to handle it.

Just like other games and sports, video games were created for leisure period to calm ourselves and to rest . There are different categories of video games which have been created around the world, but one thing you should know not all video games are acceptable to the Catholic Church .

Catholic video games

Unlike video games in 90s when most games where block games and bunch of moving blocks and they didn’t pose traits to our Christian faith; modern games have come with new features, such as high graphics and some have come with lots of violence , vices and form of pornography in them, which pose a serious traits to our Christian faith.

Many of the video games promotes violence and other vices, each of the level of the games always come with some violence and torture of its own which qualifies you to the next level ,some contains pornographic images and characters in them which is enough to put evil and wrong thoughts in peoples mind especially young children and teenagers who are still growing up , not so mentally matured; and adults are not excluded from the list.

All these are enough to make people to portray violence as a normal thing including pornography and other vices in our society and that makes the society to be corrupt and insecure which is what we see everywhere in the world today.

Although not all games contains all these violence and vices, there are good video games that are accepted by the Catholic Church, games that tends to help us grow in knowledge and increase our IQ ,games that helps us to solve a problem and increase our ability to think and make good decisions .

Although there are games out there that a good for our spiritual and moral growths, one thing to talk about is game addiction. Playing games so much is one thing to avoid, games where made to be played only doing our leisure, which means it’s for a short while and anything beyond that given time is not supposed.

Game addiction can cause you so much harm, it can make you to loose your focus in the real world as well as value . There’s have been occasions where video game addiction has caused harm to people and even death . It can make you not to have time for oneself, prayer, family members and other important things to meet up with. Self discipline should be practiced where video games are involved.

Parents and guardian are expected to watch the type of game their children are playing starting from the young age, so they won’t be exposed to so much vices in so many games ,every game that involves violence or tends to show pornography are expected to be taken away from the children and disposed also, to prevent game addiction , games are expected to be played only doing leisure and in little period of time and not to be exceeded.

In summary video games are only meant for leisure period and we should avoid video games that tends to take us far from God and his teaching about humanity. There are various Catholic games which our brethren have made which can help our spiritual and moral growth and also help us to know more about Catholic doctrine and it’s teachings.

Video games

Lists of Catholic(Christian) video games

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