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Best free catholic apps for your smartphone.

Best free catholic apps for your smartphone.

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Best free catholic apps for your smartphone.

In this century many things have improved, technology is taking over, new ways to communicate has evolved you can get any information you want with just click of a button.

The effects of these new innovations on our spiritual growth is so bad that it seems we should just stop using them, for example many apps on our phones has kept us so busy that we don’t have time for prayer or daily meditation on the word of God , we are so connected to them 24/7 which makes us to believe the only way to go is to uninstall them and stop making use of any of the new innovations.

Today I have a good news. Due to hard work of our good Catholic brothers out there, new Catholic apps have been developed. These Catholic apps were specially made to help you grow your spiritual life as a Catholic, to know more about your faith. It also contains different catholic prayers,daily readings and novena both in audio, video and e-book.

As a Catholic family they can help you grow your children in the Catholic faith and very essential for their catholic spiritual life.

List of the Best free Catholic apps for you

Watch and pray

Watch and pray is an app that helps you pray, by providing you with weekly faith stories and a prayer forum where you can pray together with members all over the world. It also has technique that will help you drop bad addiction for sins and also develop good prayerful life . You can also share your testimonies on the prayer group.

Chaplet of divine mercy audio

The chaplet of divine mercy is one of the devotion of Catholics founded by ST MARIA FAUSTINA.

This divine mercy app has both audio and text version of the prayer. The audio part of the prayer is not a robot voice normally seen on other apps, but it’s a well spiritually recorded voices of the prayer group, with sweet calm background music that accompanies the prayer.

The text version has option you can use to customize the text to your liking.

This is the best Divine mercy audio and text version I have used. I highly recommend it.

Holy rosary with audio

This is app has both audio and text version of the Holy rosary prayer in it. Just like the divine mercy app listed above the audio is not a robot voice but a real human recorded voices that’s so spiritual. It also has a background music that corresponds with the prayer, it shows images that helps us to meditate on each mysteries of the rosary. It automatically shows which mystery of the rosary that will be said each day.

Catholic hymn book

This app is the best among other hymn apps, because it contains many different categories of Catholic hymns and songs both Lenten, easter, advent, Christmas hymns etc.

The hymns are well numbered and in order, plus the search icon you can use to search a particular hymns . It also has solfa of the hymns in it. In addition to its hymn content, it has daily reading in it, order of mass, Holy rosary, catholic doctrines with bible reference and different mass prayers.


Laudate is a very special app written in different languages which includes English, Español, Português, Française, Deutsch, Nederlands, Slovenský, Italiano, Bahasa, Polski, Slovenski, Hrvatski, Việt, 简体, 繁體 and Românesc.

It’s a very well known apps because of its comprehensiveness . It contains daily mass reading, order of mass, bible, different categories of Catholic prayers , podcast for rosary and station of the Cross, sacrament of reconciliation, daily meditation of the word of God. It has a search icon you can use to search for a particular prayer or every other things in the app.

It also comes with Second Vatican documents, Code of Canon Law and papal encyclical letters.

Catholic wallpapers

If you are lover of Catholics images, this app is the best for you. It contains different spiritual and sacred images of the Catholic Church . The images are of very high quality like 2k, HD and FHD . The images are well categorized eg Images of Jesus, Mary, Christmas, Saints , Cross, Churches, Popes, quotes etc. You can download these images on your phone free and can be able to use them as your wallpaper.

  • Catholic Saints
Catholic Saints

This app has list of Catholic Saints in alphabetical order. It also contains history and short story of the Saint. You can be able to save any story of the saint in bookmark to be accessed later, also a search icon to search any saint in the app and lastly you can share the story of the Saints in different social media platforms.

Novena prayers

Novena prayer app is a Catholic prayer app that contains different Novena to the Saints, Jesus, Holy Trinity, Blessed Mother Mary etc. It can be used at any convenient time, it also has a Catholic theme and images that will help you to meditate doing the novena prayers. The novena prayers are easy to share. As a Catholic who love to pray, this app will so much assist you in your prayer life.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

This app is the best Catholic catechism question and answer app. The questions are arranged and categorized in different topic of the Catholic catechism. It also has bible reference for each question and answer which will help you to stand strong in your Catholic faith. As a Catholic that wants to know more about Catholic doctrine also as a new Catholic members, this app is ideal for you. The question and answer can be shared too .

As a teacher that is teaching children the Catholic catechism I also recommend this app for you.

Catholic Trivia

Catholic Trivia is a Catholic game app.

It’s a quiz game that makes you to realize how much you know about Catholic Church and teaches you to know more about it. It starts with a simple level as you play it, the difficulty increases. The more you play the more you know about Catholic Church.

It contains questions from these categories of Catholic doctrine :
* Art and Literature
* Bible
* History
* Liturgy and Customs
* Saints and Personalities
* Theology

One thing about this Catholic game app is that as you play it, you will be open to diverse knowledge of the Catholic Church.

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