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Interesting facts about the Vatican City

Interesting facts about the Vatican City


The Vatican City (officially Vatican City state) is the smallest state in the world, located in Rome .

It became independent from Italy in the year 1939 and has population of about 1000 people.

It is the headquarters of the Catholic Church and houses the leader of the Catholic Church which is the Pope.

The leader of the Vatican City is the Pope accompanied with other governing bodies known as the Holy See. It has monarch system of Government.

The official language of Vatican City is Italian and currency used is Euro.

Vatican City coat of arms

The Vatican City has a coat of arms which consists of two crossed key (gold and silver keys) tied together with a red cord and a Tiara(with a cross)above the keys.

Within the Vatican City is the St Peter’s Basilica which rest on top of St Peter tomb and took over 120 years to complete.

The basilica covers an area of 23,000 square meters (250,000 square feet) and runs the length of 2 American football fields.

In front of the St Peter’s Basilica is the Obelisk brought from Egypt to Rome it’s said to contain pieces of the true Cross.

As a place of reverence, the Vatican City has a code of dressing , you are to wear a clothe that covers both shoulders and knees.

No citizens of Vatican is by birth ,citizenship is granted based on work, role and what office you operate on. Once you have no job or role to perform you lose your citizenship in Vatican City and become citizen of Italy.

The St Peter’s Basilica houses the Papal apartments, the Pope’s offices, the magnificent Vatican museums, and has over 1,400 rooms.

The Vatican City has its own telephone system, post office, banking system, plate number, pharmacy, special guards known as the Swiss guard and flag.

There’s no income tax nor restrictions to import and export of funds.

The economy of the city depends on sale of postal stamps and coins, entry fees for museums, sale of publications and voluntary contribution of Catholics around the world.

Majority of the supplies are imported Eg Water, Food, Gas etc.

About the Vatican flag

Vatican City flag

The Vatican City flag is one out of two flags that is square (1:1) in shape, the other flag is Switzerland flag.

The Vatican flag consist of two vertical bands of color, one is yellow the other is white containing the Vatican coat of arms.

In the coat of arms the keys represents the key of heaven given to Peter. The Golden Key signifies spiritual authority of the Pope and silver signifies worldly authority of the Pope. The Papal Tiara signifies sovereignty. The red cord that ties both keys represents the connection between the spiritual and worldly power of the Pope.

When a Pope dies the flag is flown on a half pole until end of the nine days of mourning that follows after his death.

Old Vatican flag

The Vatican flag used to be yellow and red, until Pope Pius vii ordered the Vatican’s Noble Guard and other troops to replace the yellow and red colors with yellow and white to distinguish them from Napoleon army.

The current flag was first officially hoisted on June 8, 1929 after the signing of the Lateran Treaty to be used as the Vatican City state flag.

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