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How to become an Exorcist in Catholic Church


In Catholic Church there’s requirement to be an exorcist(a person that cast out demons and evil spirits from a person that is believed to be possessed)

The first requirement to be an exorcist is you must be a priest.

Being a Priest doesn’t just qualify you to be an exorcist .

There’s certain type of Priest who are qualified to be an exorcist .

A priest — one who is expressly and particularly authorized by the Ordinary — when he intends to perform an exorcism over persons tormented by the devil, must be properly distinguished for his piety, prudence, and integrity of life. He should fulfill this devout undertaking in all constancy and humility, being utterly immune to any striving for human aggrandizement, and relying, not on his own, but on the divine power. Moreover, he ought to be of mature years, and revered not alone for his office but for his moral qualities.

Then for him to perform his ministry well he will go into deep study concerning Exorcism. With the permission from his Bishop he will join the International association of Exorcists Rome.

The asscociation was founded in 1993 by Rev fr Gabriele Amorth

In training the Priest learns how to cast out demons from the possessed.

The Priest must be wise, be holy, of a blameless life, intelligent, Courageous, humble. Which means the Priest who is to be an Exorcist must be holy man who doesn’t use the ministry for self gain or fame but are called by God for such work

He is taught how to gather strength from God, for there should be presence of God within him.

The Priest also study Psychology so to know when a person is possessed or needs medical attention .

[The exorcist] should not believe too readily that a person is possessed by an evil spirit; but he ought to ascertain the signs by which a person possessed can be distinguished from one who is suffering from some illness, especially one of a psychological nature.

A lay person is never permitted to be an exorcist but can assist a Priest(exorcist) on a special occasion. The lay assistant is expected to be prayerful and prepared for the ritual because not doing so can affect the Exorcism process (devil is a tricky being)

The exorcist should be vested in cassock, surplice, and a violet stole.

The Priest(Exorcist) i perform exorcisms in the church or sacred places, then if there’s need to perform it in private house there should be a witness present in the performance.

All idle and curious questioning of the demon should be avoided, and the prayers and aspirations should be read with great faith, humility and fervour, and with a consciousness of power and authority.

The crucifix, holy water, and, where available, relics of the saints are to be employed during exorcism. If expulsion of the evil spirit is not obtained at once, the rite should be repeated, if need be, several times.

The Devil is very tricky and intelligent being he will try with all its might to influence the Exorcism so to be involved in this exorcism you must rely entirely on the power of God.

Always expect paranormal effect from the devil.

Exorcism is a very dangerous vocation that needs one to be very holy,prayerful and spiritual .

How an Exorcist Priest came face to face with the Devil

1997, when a young, slim peasant man was escorted into the small room where Father Gabriele Amorth conducted his exorcisms in Rome, the priest felt immediately confronted by evil.

Amorth said he asked for the help of Jesus, and the young man began to curse and spit, using English instead of his native Italian.

“His curses and threats were aimed solely at the exorcist; then he began spitting at him and preparing to attack him physically,”

“Screaming and howling, the demon burst forth and looked straight at him, drooling saliva from the young man’s mouth.”

Amorth said he returned fire with prayers and other ritual recitations, demanding that the demon reveal its name.

“Unclean spirit!” Amorth bellowed. “Whoever you are and all your companions who possess this servant of God … I command you: Tell me your name, the day and the hour of your damnation.”

The man fixed him with a glare and snarled: “I am Lucifer.”

Amorth was shocked.

He “did not expect to receive such a terrifying response,” Stanzione writes. “But . . . he was convinced he had to keep going as long as he had the strength.”

The demon resumed his shrieks, making the possessed turn his head back and his eyes roll. He remained like this with his back arched for a quarter of an hour.

As this continued, the room became extremely cold and ice crystals formed on the windows and the walls.

As Amorth continually commanded the demon to leave the host, the young man’s body stiffened so much that he became hard and began to levitate. For several minutes, he remained hovering 3 feet in the air.

Finally, the man dropped into a chair, Stanzione writes. Amorth said he left for the day but continued to regularly visit the man and pray over him until he was met with no resistance. When he at last sensed the man was at peace, Amorth asked how Lucifer had left his body.

The man said he “began to howl like never before. Then, at the end of this, he felt new and light,” .

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