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Padre Pio prayer after communion

Padre Pio prayer after communion


Stay with me Lord, for without Thy Prescence l forget Thee;
Thou knowest how easily l abandon Thee.
Stay with me Lord, for without Thy Strength l fall; Thou knowest how weak l am.
Stay with me Lord, for without Thee my fervor fails; Thou art my life.
Stay with me Lord, for without there l am in darkness; Thou art my light.
Stay with me Lord and show me Thy will.
Stay with me Lord and let me hear Thy voice
Stay with me Lord that l may follow Thee;
Stay with me Lord that l may love Thee more,
Stay with Lord that l may stay with Thee
If Thou wouldst have me to be faithful, stay with me Lord
Stay with me Jesus, for it is getting late: the day is ending, life is passing; death, judgement, eternity are coming soon.
Now l must muster all my forces so that l do not faint on the road. I have great need for Thee on this journey. It is getting late and death is approaching, Darkness, Temptations, Dryness, Crosses and Troubles beset me and Oh, how much l need Thee, my good Jesus, in this night of exile.
Stay with me Jesus became this night of Life is so full of danger and l have such need of Thee.
Grant that, like Thy disciples, l may recognize Thee in the breaking of bread.
Grant that the Eucharistic union may be light which casts the darkness, the force to sustain me and the one means sanctify my soul.
Stay with me Lord because, when death arrives, if l cannot be with Thee in Holy Communion, then l shall wish to be united with Thee at least through Grace and Love.
Stay with me Jesus, l do not ask Thee for divine consolation because l do not deserve it but l beg of Thee with all my heart the gift of Thy most Holy Presence.



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